Prepared Food


Cold Cut Platters made with Boar’s Head Cold Cuts

Italian Delight

American Platter

Crowd Pleaser

Hot Platters

Hot Appetizer #1

Hot Appetizer #2

15-20 People $60.00     25-30 People $90.00     35-40 People $120.00
Substitutions are discouraged but we are willing to work with you.
All Cold Cut platters come with rolls and a container of pickles in the center

Cheese & Crackers Platter

ONLY $29.99

Wing Platter

Only $44.99

Finger Sandwich Platters

Pulled Pork (Only available as a batch of 16)

2 Foot Party Sub

ONLY $24.99

Homemade Appetizers & Dips

Buffalo Chicken Dip

$24.99 for ½ Steam Pan

3 Layer Pulled Pork Dip

$29.99 for ½ Steam Pan

Steak Wrapped w/ Proscuitto, Capicola & Cheddar

$24.99 per 16 Pieces

Chicken Wrapped w/ Proscuitto, Capicola & Cheddar

$24.99 per 16 Pieces

Tri-Twist Pasta Salad, Red Bliss Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cheese Tortellini Salad or Coleslaw

Priced Per Pound 5 (5 lb Minimum for Tray orders)

Prepared Food in Trays

Cooked Item Half TrayFull Tray
(10-15 People) (20-25 People)
Chicken Parmesan w/ Pasta $34.99$64.99
Roasted Red Potatoes $29.99$44.99
Turkey Rolls w/Stuffing & Gravy$29.99$44.99
Sausage w/ Peppers & Onions $34.99$64.99
Meatballs w/ Sauce $24.99$39.99
BBQ Baked Beans $19.99$34.99
Shepard’s Pie $39.99$69.99
Homemade Pulled PorkSold By the Pound $10.99lb (5 lb Min)
Homemade Chili$7.99 per Quart (2 Quart Minimum)