Catered BBQ Roaster Rental

Off – Site Catering

Off-Site catering is done at your home, office or wherever you may choose. We have all the grills and equipment to cater your party and make it a big hit with your friend or coworkers and still allow you to have a great time and entertain your guests. Here are some of the more popular options and further information can be obtained by calling us at 978- 452-6113 Contact Jeff or Rick and we will be glad to help you make your party exactly the way you want it. 978-452-6113

Backyard BBQ

Only $23.99 per person

BBQ Delight

Only $22.99 per person

B&B Tips and Chicken

Only $23.49 per person

Something Different

Only $22.99 Per Person

All American BBQ

Only $18.99 per person

Make your own

-Choose the menu that fits your crowd, mix and match the packages to your guests.


12 Burgers and 12 Hot Dogs with Rolls – $74.99 Total No Condiments Max of 2 Per Party totaling 24 Burgers and 24 Dogs


This is a popular option for the do-it-yourselfer. We have a Rotisserie that we rent to cook your own Pig, Roast Beef, Turkeys, or Lamb. The cooker uses charcoal and is very easy to use. We will provide you with a instruction and tip sheet to make your BBQ a success. Having the food mounted on the spit is available also. It requires a 1 7/8” tow ball and a flat 4 light hookup as well as a safe tow connection. The Rotisserie is $150.00 to rent and is only available with the purchase of the food from Brown & Budnicks.

We also have a second cooker option which you do not need a trailer hitch. This is a hot box and has a max of 60 lb pig that can be cooked in it. Please call for more info. This box is $125 to rent and is only available to rent with the purchase of food from Brown & Budnicks

Booking Information

All BBQ’s are booked with a $250.00 deposit that is non-refundable. Half the estimated price will be due 14 days before the party. The remainder of the bill will be due by the day before the party. Rain Dates are booked around already existing dates. You are responsible for food cost if the party is cancelled due to weather.

Booking early is recommended. A deposit reserves your date, after that you have until 14 days before your date to decide your number of guests and which package you would like to go with. You will need to come in and sign a contract at this point.

There is a minimum of 50 people to a BBQ. BBQ’s are in groups of 5. (ex., 50, 55, 60) All BBQ’s are self-serve buffet style. Extra food is available upon request. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Destination charges may apply for some parties that are farther away. Time restrictions do apply to your eat time. Additional fees may be added.

Once again, please feel free to call and ask for Rick or Jeff at (978)-452-6113 to answer any of your questions.

Click Here to Check out some pictures of our Pig Roast and Catered BBQ’s